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Benefits OF OEE

When it comes to looking for a standard that helps to measure manufacturing productivity OEE is the right one for you standing for overall equipment effectiveness. It is done in terms of percentage. If for instance the score a manufacturer gets is 100% is translates to being good parts, produced fast and no stop time that otherwise means good quality, performance and availability.

Using this method of measuring manufacturing productivity has some perks that come with it which are; you get a return on the investment that you made by making sure that the manufacturing company reaches maximum productivity, it comes in handy to reduce production losses which in the long run is an advantage in increasing the competitive nature of the company as it becomes more efficient, in this system or method the best company performance is achieved and corrections done when it is not realized as there is a measure that guides you, the quality of the process is increased through calculations done which show the rate of the success of it, it also comes in handy in reducing production costs as things would be done in a more efficient manner that cuts all losses which saves your company a lot of money which you can invest in other departments or ways, it offers you the chance to decide and measure and whatever undergoes this process can be improved on, you also get to discover more about the efficiency of the process for what it is, the information that is obtained from this process is crucial for the employees in the manufacturing process as they can use it to plan and execute various actions needed in real time thus improving efficiency, it also helps in cutting the cost to repair machines, enables scalability, and is the starting point of the factory. Know more about software at

There are a number of factors that are considered when it comes to making the calculation of the SafetyChain OEE. The also have some formulas that are applied in the calculation. The mean variables important to the calculation process of OEE are; availability that accounts for events that hinder planned production for a long duration that necessitates the need of tracking the reason why it is down.

Performance which looks into the things that make the process of manufacturing to slow down at less than its maximum speed, quality is another factor that accounts for parts that are manufactured which do not level up to the standards as well as the ones that need to be redone as well as OEE itself which looks at losses of all nature that result in a measure of productive time of manufacturing. Be sure to click here for more info!

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